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Digital Trasformation Consultancy

We offer a portfolio of ready-to-use digital solutions that enhance transport hubs and maximize the efficiency of supporting services. 

Cloud Optimisation

The future of data management lies in the cloud.  We have extensive experience helping our clients manage cloud architecture, migration and optimization.

Application Support

Based across Europe, our team of expert developers can provide robust and tailored services which meet the unique and varied needs of our clients.

Managed Services

Our teams take care of your end-to-end service management for you, freeing you up to focus on other priorities.

About Us

Discover our world.

Our mission is driving up passenger footfall, revenues and loyalty through integrated customer-centric digital solutions.

Our Story

The Voyage Team is part of the Piksel Group.

It has been helping organisations around the world to optimise the value of technology for more than 20 years. 

Many of Europe’s leading names in the transport sector trust us to design, build and manage the solutions they depend on.

The Voyage Team focuses specifically on how advanced technologies can be used to solve the problems they face, and help deliver their vision.

Our Strength

Our people are our strength.

Their high performance, IT skills and high-level expertise make us different.

In fact, by combining quality and efficiency, we are able to add value to our customers’ requirements and to create tailored solutions to fit their needs.

Moreover, our continuous investment in R&D help us to keep up with the most recent digital innovations as well as to adapt to the newest technological trends.

The wide variety of products we offer reflects the passion, the hard work and the digital expertise that characterize us and that make us competitive in the market. 

Key People

Daniele Monzio Compagnoni | The Voyage Team

Daniele Monzio Compagnoni

Client Director, Italy
Dave Wood | The Voyage Team

Dave Wood

Client Director, UK
Chiara Vitale | The Voyage Team

Chiara Vitale

Team Leader, Italy
Martin Ockenden | The Voyage Team

Martin Ockenden

Delivery Manager, UK
Giovanni Luca Murabito | The Voyage Team

Giovanni Luca Murabito

Innovation Manager, Italy
Nicola Giornetta | The Voyage Team

Nicola Giornetta

UI & UX Designer, Italy
Sergio Magliacano | The Voyage Team

Sergio Magliacano

Quality Automation Engineer, Italy
Freddy Herrera | The Voyage Team

Freddy Herrera

Senior Developer, Italy
Francesco Merati | The Voyage Team

Francesco Merati

Java & Magento Specialist, Italy
Nik Reynolds | The Voyage Team

Nik Reynolds

Technical Architect, UK
Angelo Di Casoli | The Voyage Team

Angelo Di Casoli

Team Leader, Italy

Riccardo Costa

Team Leader, Italy
Eleonora Busacca | The Voyage Team

Eleonora Busacca

Junior Marketing Specialist, Italy

What Our People Say

Chiara Vitale | The Voyage Team

The most rewarding part of my job is success: when we succeed, when we get a win, when we deliver, there’s a really great feeling across the company, a real communal feeling of victory across the company

Chiara VitaleTeam Leader

I am proud to be part of such an innovative, forward-thinking firm and the people make it a great place to work.

Francesco MeratiJava & Magento Specialist
Francesco Merati | The Voyage Team


Get in Touch

To learn more about our solutions and services, check out our industry specific subsidiaries or drop us a line here.

Get in Touch

To learn more about our solutions and services, check out our industry specific subsidiaries or drop us a line here.

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