The Voyage Team and SEA develop a web platform to learn how to manage crisis events

Milan, November 8th 2017

The Voyage Team and SEA Group have designed a secure and protected web based solution, which enables Organisations to simulate real crisis situations, whether this be adverse weather conditions, fuel spillage or actual air traffic incidents, in order to test the effectiveness, speed and scalability of their response to events, and to improve communications and interactions with their Customers, the Media, and critical Airport business functions. With this platform the company that operates the airports of Milan needed the ability to respond and to interact with traditional and new media to provide real-time information, responses and updates in case of complex difficulties or emergencies.

In line with the “best practices” of the main airports of Europe and of the world, the new platform allows to simulate and “train” so to interact with a team of “hostile” (professionals in the field of social media and digital PR), which replaces the stakeholders concerned, and that puts pressure on the team dedicated to communication. Distinct scenarios can be simulated, so that all interactions and communications are captured and modelled, including responses to Customer comments/queries, communications out to different social media, through to issuance of press releases.

The application dashboard is interactive, has a very simple interface that can collect and present information in a single screen, in three distinct columns, displaying posts written on Facebook, tweets, and articles from traditional media that can be responded to by the minute. Integration with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, enables Organisations to maximise the emulation and reality experience level. Enhanced reporting provides invaluable information, auditing the quality and the management speed of the threads, which feeds into continuous learning and verification of expertise reached.

The tool does not overlook the use of more traditional means of communication such as press release, implementing a unique and innovative example of convergence between traditional and social media which is critical to transmission of homogeneous and consistent communication. Within the main control page, you can also configure the topics to be monitored, for example the referred hashtag, the priority, the incoming channel creating event alerts useful to highlight in timely and efficient way situations of particular relevance, especially in contexts, where the communication is highly dispersive.

The solution developed has been proven to provide great value for leaders of the press offices and communication of the main Italian airports last year and has also been put to the test during a simulation of a critical event organised by Assaeroporti. The initiative has also been presented at the workshop on crisis organized by the Italian delegation of the European commission at Esa Esrin (European Space Research Institute) premise.

These successes demonstrate that added value and the real competitive advantage nowadays comes not only from having access to indiscriminate data traffic, but also from the ability to be able to analyse data in a timely manner, and aggregate the most relevant and critical pieces of information that can be used in an effective Company communication strategy.

About The Voyage Team

The Voyage Team’s solutions offer a great combination of exceptional skills in software solution development and a flexible approach to match requirements from bespoke to SaaS. Professional services include product; service integration, systems integration, infrastructure build; service transition, quality assurance, Agile/DevOps capabilities, application performance and load testing. It includes a comprehensive portfolio of ancillary applications to enhance the airport services communication and to maximize promotion and purchase of airport products including mobile APPs, e-commerce, and video entertainment systems and beacons management. The Voyage Team is part of Piksel Group which has been building successful online video businesses for over a decade. The company’s unique combination of professional and managed services is underpinned by Piksel’s state-of-the-art video platform, the Piksel Palette. Launched in the second half of 2015, the Piksel Palette™ is the only commercially available video distribution and monetization platform using a Micro-Services Architecture (MSA).

About SEA Group

The SEA Group, based on the forty year agreement signed between SEA and ENAC in 2001, manages the Malpensa and Linate airports which are ranked among the first ten airport systems in Europe for volume of traffic, in both the passenger and cargo segments.
The airport system managed by the SEA Group comprises:

  • Milano Malpensa, dedicated to the development of intercontinental traffic, it reported an addition increase in passenger traffic compared to the previous year, achieving its best performance since 2007/2008 to date with 19.3 million passengers
  • Milano Malpensa Cargo, a cargo transport support infrastructure, which in the coming years will see its capacity extended and plant development
  • Milano Linate, which principally serves a frequent flyer customer base on domestic and inter-EU routes.
  • Milano Linate Prime, managed by SEA Prime SpA, a subsidiary of SEA SpA. Dedicated to general aviation, it offers services and facilities with a high added value.

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