The partnership between Piksel and University of Catania goes on – and it goes very well

Catania, 26th July 2018 – The bachelor degree of Giovanni Mallo, our collegue which has recently completed his internship in Catania’s office was just the perfect occasion to re-join one of our most enthusiastic partner, the University of Catania.

About the partnership

Source: Giornale di Sicilia

Our collaboration began in 2011 and it has been solid during all these years, helping us acquire new talents (six of our Catania’s Developers come from the University Internship) and introducing brand new technologies that we now use for our customers and solutions.

The professors complimented Piksel on the great work done and on the strong partnership established between Company and University.

Giovanni Luca Murabito, The Voyage Team’s Technical Solution Architect, was invited to the ceremony by Professor Pappalardo, the person who helps us to organize and manage the internships.

Professor Stanco – Director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science – Prof. Riccobene, Prof. Catalano and Prof. Faro took part at the meeting as well.

The details

Professor Pappalardo expressed his congratulations to the company for the innovative contribution given to the final thesis, as well as for the work done in these years for the University Internship.

“On my side, I had the chance to present ‘Piksie’, our chatbot project, which was the main argument of Giovanni’s final thesis. I also talked about the presentation we created for the British and Irish Airports Expo of London.

Great wonder aroused also the article that was written by the local newspaper ‘Catania Today’ about the Piksie project: this was a true boast for the University” said Giovanni Luca Murabito.

Professor Pappalardo showed strong interest in continuing and strengthening the collaboration with our Company in the future.”

What’s next?


The Voyage Team’s next steps will be to – obviously – take on internship programs, working closely with the University of Catania on the many and innovative projects they lead.

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