What is a Virtual Desk?


The newest digital innovation within airports are leading to the introduction of new ways to manage customers’ experience.
Frankfurt airport has recently lunched the “Infogates” to improve the services it offers.

The Virtual Desks are digital kiosks that help passengers to get all the information they need through a video call. A full screen makes it possible to have a face-to-face conversation with one of the airport’s employees so supporting the customers on all their doubts and enquiries. This kind of service allows passengers to obtain quick response to their questions, to increase the levels of efficiency and to improve the customers’ satisfaction levels.

Moreover, the Virtual Desks have been implemented in more than 20 different languages and this makes them easy to be used and understandable by passengers from all over the world.

The Voyage team is already providing a similar service, implemented for SEA – Milan airports since 2017, with an already proven big success.

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