PIKSEL meets the students of the University of Catania

PIKSEL meets the students of the University of Catania

Once again, Piksel proves to be a talent-oriented company

University of Catania

Piksel is a talent and innovation-oriented company. Our constant focus on people has resulted in discovery of innovative, passionate and motivated new talent over the years.

People are behind our success and for this reason we constantly invest in training and professional development of students within the company.

The careers of some of Piksel’s finest employees started out with curricular internships. During which they have the opportunity to work with industry leading technologies and solutions.

At the end of their academic courses, those who stand out for their performance and innovative ideas continued to work with us.

In particular, the long-lasting collaboration with the University of Catania is proof of the company’s commitment to promoting the best talents.

Due to the active participation of young students and their knowledge of subject related to artificial intelligence and recent technological trends, we have been able to develop some of our bespoke products such as our chatbot and mobile apps.

This explains why it is fundamental for Piksel to highlight this collaboration as a core element that mirrors its culture and objectives.

Piksel meets the students

Since 2011, Piksel’s partnership with the University of Catania has helped us to find the best talent to integrate our R&D team.

The 30th of May, we have been guests of a “Web Programming” class, hold by Prof. Pappalardo, full professor at the University of Catania. During this meeting, we had the opportunity to present our company and explain what we do.

“It was a pleasure for us to meet the students and it has been really motivating to listen to their considerations and opinions about the new technological trends” said Giovanni Luca Murabito, Technical Software Architect at Piksel.

We had the chance to answer their questions and to explain our solutions to overcome the challenges that we face.

This meeting has been a great opportunity to let the students know what we do and to understand our competitive advantage. It was also interesting to understand how the younger generations view the technological revolution that is taking place during the last years.

“I want to thank Piksel and The Voyage Team for the time and the effort put in this collaboration” concluded Prof. Pappalardo. “It has been interesting for my students to have a deeper insight on the current technological trends”

Our learnings from the meeting

This opportunity has been fundamental to understand what are young people’s expectations. We have been pleased and surprised to see the incredible participation and interest in what we do. In fact, in a small reality as the one in Catania, Piksel can be considered a really pride. It is distinctive because of its expertise, high quality projects and important customers.

“After yesterday’s meeting, the partnership with the University of Catania is destined to grow more and more”, concludes Chiara Vitale, Technical Team Leader at Piksel. “We will give the students the possibility to develop a real project in collaboration with us, as part of their final exam for the Web Programming class”.

We are looking forward to discovering new talents and we are glad to be part of this important partnership with the University of Catania.