The Voyage Team Reflect on Apollo 11

Over the last few days we can’t fail to have seen reference to an amazing anniversary; 50 years since the first person stepped foot on the moon.

This is impressive in so many ways. Not just the timescales involved; the first sustained controlled powered flight taking place in 1903 care of the Wright brothers, Yuri Gagarin being the first person in space in 1961 and then in 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wrote their place in the history books by stepping onto the surface of the moon while Michael Collins flew the command module alone in lunar orbit. What humans have achieved in just that 66 years; that is all that separates the Wright brothers from the landing, still leaves us in awe.

Recently, while on holiday, Dave Wood from The Voyage Team’s UK office, took the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. He expected the scale of the rockets, and of course the associated buildings, would be on the very big side but until seen in reality it is difficult to actually imagine just how massive and very impressive they are.

The moon landing was done in a time before the computers, cloud-based voice services and even intelligent mobile phones that we are so used to and rely on every day. To think that the technical power contained within the mobile phone that guided Dave to the Kennedy Space Centre is greater than the power of the computer onboard the Apollo mission that took the astronauts to the moon and back in 1969.

Next time we download a mobile app and thumb through to the information required to safely get to a destination, while in the background the multiple sources of data from various feeds are combined and presented in an easy to navigate and understand GUI, we will take a couple of minutes to think back as to how we got to where we are now.

And, of course, to thank the clever people back in the office who put the app together!