The re-opening of Linate: a new course for the city airport of Milan

After three months of works, the second most important airport of Milan, Milan Linate Airport, re-opens its doors to the thousands of passengers who depart or arrive every day.

Since the 27th of July, the airport stopped its activities and all the incoming and departing flights have been moved to Malpensa Airport. The aim was to work on the renovation and modernization of the structures.

On Sunday 26th of October, some flights landed to the new airport, welcomed by the city mayor that inaugurated the new opening. Nevertheless, the official reopening was scheduled for Monday 27th of October, with the first flight departing to Frankfurt in the early morning.

During the last three months, the structural works interested the renovation of the runways and the baggage handling areas. These are part of a broader project that involves the complete renewal of the design and internal layout of the airport. The aim is to make the travel experience for passengers a real opportunity to live the airport at 360 degree, thanks to the new services.  

For this reason, the renovation works will continue despite the reopening, but they will interest only internal areas of the airport that will not affect the normal flow of departures and arrivals. The restyling of the airport will last until 2021, when the new areas dedicated to shopping and restaurants will be inaugurated.

The Milan Linate airport aims to become the most technological airport in Italy, as well as one of the most modern in Europe. The goal is to introduce smart technologies to improve passengers’ services and safety. The aim is mainly passengers’ security, for this reason it has been crucial to ensure that the structural condition of the runways was appropriate and safe.

In this renovation process, SEA – Milan Airports has continued to pursue its digital transformation. For this reason, it has been supported by The Voyage Team, part of Piksel Group, to improve its digital services.

During the last months, many projects have been carried on and among these, the release of several websites developed thanks to the use of the Piksel VCMS^2, our Web Content Management System that allowed to create modern and easily editable websites using our WYSIWYG editor.

On September 18th, the website of Milan Airports was released in its Russian version (, to make it easier the consultation for an increasing number of passengers from different parts of the world. The Piksel VCMS^2 has, among the others, the capability to manage several languages with different alphabets than Latin one such as the Cyrillic and the possibility to publish contents using RTL (Right To Left) scripts and ideogram used by Chinese and Japanese.

Moreover, another important release that took place the 6th of October was the MilanoPrime website (

This new project gives the customers the opportunity to have an overview of the luxury services offered by both airports of Linate and Malpensa, in order to satisfy the needs of the more demanding customers. These include parking for luxury cars, private aircraft parking, VIP lounges, etc.

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