Whether it’s tailored solutions and apps, project delivery, cloud optimization and migration or managed services, we have been solving the needs of the travel industry for nearly a decade. Our teams work diligently to solve complex technical challenges, and deliver resilient, responsive, innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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Digital solutions

We offer a portfolio of ready-to-use digital solutions that enhance transport hubs and maximize the efficiency of supporting services. 

These solutions include: websites, mobile apps, lost & found management, onward travel information, queue management, crisis management for social media, kiosk and digital signage, e-commerce for parking with yield management features, waiting lounge entertainment systems, beacon management and much more.


Application support and bespoke project delivery

Based across Europe, our team of expert developers can provide robust and tailored services which meet the unique and varied needs of our clients.

Our solutions range from standalone developments and one-off projects, to fully managed applications.

Our specialist application support team can take on existing applications or provide support for the solutions we deliver. 


Cloud optimisation

The future of data management lies in the cloud.  We have extensive experience helping our clients manage cloud architecture, migration and optimization.

Public cloud and private cloud, on premise and hybrid solutions: our accelerators reduce time to launch and ensure a smooth conversion, whatever the architecture.


Managed services

Transportation is a time-sensitive business, running on a complex infrastructure which requires reliable, ultra high-performance systems with 24/7/365 live support to keep everything running smoothly. 

Our service desk and managed infrastructure are renowned for their high levels of availability and responsiveness

Our teams take care of your end-to-end service management for you, freeing you up to focus on other priorities.



Fielding high volumes of multilingual journey enquiries via call centres is expensive and can be frustrating for passengers if delays are encountered. Travel hubs are looking to save costs and improve customer care services to deliver a faster, more accessible customer experience.

The Voyage team is helping leading airports navigate the technology landscape and take advantage of the latest advances in Chatbot technology to create the best journey experience.


Voice Interface Development

Customers are hungry for new and innovative ways to interact with brands and travel terminal operators are no different.

Voice-user interfaces like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod allow you to get crucial information about departure times, delays and traffic alerts to your passengers in a whole new way.


Journey Planner

Getting to and from the airport or other travel hub can be a difficult and stressful experience for passengers. The Voyage Team’s Journey Planner puts more control in your passenger’s hands, bringing together all their options to improve the travel experience.

The Journey Planner can enhance revenue opportunities by offering relevant integrations with coach, train, taxi and other travel providers.


Mobile App

Transport hubs can be challenging places to navigate. With The Voyage Team’s Mobile App you can put all the information a passenger needs in the palm of their hand.

We deliver an improved transport hub experience to your passengers with our Mobile App which surfaces all the information they might need at the times they need it.